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Iven provides IoT Platform that was specifically designed for connected products across multiple vertical markets.

Secure Connectivity

Cloud Gateway

Cloud Gateway is an entry point for IoT devices to connect Iven Platform.

Token Based Authentication

Token Based Authentication is used for connecting devices securely to the Iven Platform through a secret key identification process.

Device-to-Cloud Communication

Allows IoT devices to communicate with the cloud through data channel. This data channel is specified for per IoT device in order to send their data to cloud.

Device Management

Device Provisioning

Device Provisioning is a unit where the digital identity per each device is created and stored in order authenticate and authorize devices through the cloud.

Device Template

Device Templates allows to define sensor information of IoT devices on the cloud. Those definitions allows to identify the data format will be sending from the IoT device.

Cloud-to-Device Communication

Allows to control IoT devices from cloud through specified channels. This communication channels includes remote control and firmware updates.

Bulk Device Operations

Bulk Device Operations enables to register a large number of devices and send firmware updates remotely at the same time.

Device Data Monitoring

Observe Current State

Allows to monitor IoT devices’ connection status, last connection activity time, last sending sensor data value and the time.

Historical Data Reports

Allows to access the massive volume of data generated by IoT devices and performs filtering operations on historical data based on device name, device identifier and tags defined on the device.

Business Rules Engine

Rule Deployment

Rule Deployment allows to run specified conditions on real-time data generated by IoT devices for the business solutions. It is basically a behavioral system of what to do when conditions are met on evaluated data from IoT device and triggers any actions as what to do part.

Execution Logs

Execution reports are generated as a result of rule running. This unit provides access to these reports.

Rule Actions

Represents the real time actions occurred on data stream. Actions include email, sms and push notifications.

Account Management

Working Spaces

Spaces are used for working environment of your solution.

Member Invitation

Allows to invite members to working spaces

Application Management

Access Management for Applications

Allows you to create access tokens for end-user applications on Iven Platform.

Consumable API

End-Users can pair their IoT devices by means of consumable APIs provided by the platform. It is also possible to unpair the device, list all devices associated by the user and get the historical state of all associated devices.

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