IoT GuideBook

You are at the right place to start your digital transformation process!
We will prepare tailored IoT GuideBook for your own business model and it will guide you through
entire digital transformation process.
IoT GuideBook Steps

Your IoT Journey



We discuss your operational and product related problems or an IoT project you want to execute.

Then we create IoT Guidebook including situation and needs analysis specific for your enterprise.



We help you to develop your projects according to the IoT Guidebook and make your projects suitable for the Iven IoT Platform.

You can manage your devices and their data with the platform.



We help you to use Iven Connected Appliances Solutions or create new unique ones with the data generated from your devices!

We help you to integrate external (Geo Location, Weather, Traffic Services) & internal (CRM, ERP, Asset MGMT) applications to you IoT Solution!

We provide you the Iven IoT Partner Ecosystem where you can find our IoT Partners from HW Houses to System Integrators!

IoT is a hurdling run but
Iven IoT Guidebook will teach you how to jump hurdles.
Targeted questions and analysis
Customized reports with the right questions instead of offering a standardized digital transformation package
Tailored solutions
Included specific solution methods tailored for your own business model.
Speed up digital transformation
Prepared in 2-3 days with a quick response time to speed up the digital transformation process

Test your company's IoT potential!

Guide to IoT transformation

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